Holiday Packages

Everyone needs some downtime, and the world is your oyster with BrownSense Travel packages. Explore overseas and local travel with a network of incredible hotels and holidays that will suit all tastes and budgets. Fancy a romantic weekend away with your partner? Or how about week with the family to go on unique adventures? Explore your passions and find new ones by going out in the world, ready to embrace the thrills and wealth of experience that travel gives you. Build amazing memories with the ones you love as you explore the world together.


Whether you want to book a domestic flight for one person, international flights for a large group, or anything in between, your BrownSense Travel consultant has access to the top flight deals worldwide. Book your flight at highly competitive rates, thanks to BrownSense Travel’s access to global real-time booking systems. Your budget, timing and flight preferences will be taken into account to ensure you get the top options to choose from, with friendly, hands-on expertise from your BrownSense Travel consultant.

Curated Experiences

BrownSense Travel offers unique, personalised curated packages for the ultimate travel experience. Whether you’re into a musical exploration of New Orleans, seeking adventure and the great outdoors at the Ngorongoro Crater, want to get away from it all on the most exclusive Bali yoga retreat or want all of it in one trip, you can tailor-make a package with your BrownSense Travel consultant. A global network of travel resources is at your fingertips; the only limit is your time and imagination.